Fashion Tech Forum

We were recently invited to present Leblum at this year’s Fashion Tech Forum. Held at the Navy Shipyard’s Duggal Greenhouse – FTF is where fashion + tech leaders come together to better understand how each view the future of retail and collectively approach it’s shift.

At the root of Leblum is an awareness for this changing world that we live in today. Certain things we take for granted right now, may not be accessible in a few years. However, where we get our flowers and how is not necessarily at the forefront of everyone’s brain.

As a team who’ve been in the floral space for the past decade, we see and feel this strain that our industry has been enduring. In more recent years, several companies have committed to using local product when possible. While their efforts are promising, the truth is that local productions’ quality and availability – particularly if you live somewhere like New York – is not quite there yet.

Creating lasting change within an industry that has existed for centuries is not always achieveable overnight. This is why we’ve chosen to promote local grower’s alongside the World’s very top. Our commitment, at Leblum, is to create a sustainable global model that will allow for this industry to not only reflect these changes – but to embrace and celebrate them.


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