Our Story

Leblum was created to change the way people
experience flowers, and ultimately life.


screen-shot-2017-01-11-at-10-09-23-amhe floral industry is a guarded one. Really great flowers go through the doors of specific suppliers and onto the shelves of top florists. To get your hands on that product, you can expect to pay at least a 5-10 time markup.

After having owned a flower shop in TriBeCa, I noticed a really simple way to remedy this imbalanced market. By connecting you directly to the world’s top growers, we are able to eliminate the layers of overhead that come with brick and mortar shops. This lets us fairly price and curate amazing product from incredible growers.


At Leblum, we simply do not see flowers as a luxury product. They are an imperative, here on this Earth to subtly remind each of us of our own inherent beauty and grace. It is this experience with flowers that allows oneself to understand that we are a part of nature, not separate. When you can see yourself as this part, you’ll notice that we are all connected.

Sarah Corrigan