Black Calla



20 Stems per Bundle

Quick Bits

  • Perfect for gifting
  • Simple prep (3 minutes)
  • Requires cool water
  • You’ll need scissors

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Flower Description

Ahhh, the calla. C-ahhh-la. More refined elegance than fluffy romance here. Cool, calm, collected and simple. These stems are delivered in our recommended quantity of 20, and for a truly spectacular statement, larger numbers placed ever so simply in a vase will speak volumes for your inherent sophistication and grace.

Please note, Black Callas will be more Dark Plum / Black in person.

DIMENSIONS:  Stems are 1/4″ thick & approx. 17″ in height.

  1. Remove stems from package
  2. Cut stems to desired length
  3. Place in water. Fill vase with no more than 2 inches of water and refill as needed. Calla stems will tend to get mushy (and gross) if left in too much water.