Black Magic



25 stems per bundle

Quick Bits

  • Perfect for gifting
  • Medium prep (3 minutes)
  • Medium thorns
  • You’ll need pruners and good scissors


Product Description

For that dark, romantic feel…who says red has to be cliché? Our beloved Black Magic is anything but. For a sultry update on a classic gift, these are our go-tos.

Oh, and gifting aside – these roses are gorgeous. We purchased them solely for product shots but no joke, STUNNING!

DIMENSIONS:  Stems are 1/4″ thick & approx. 24″ in height.


  1. Remove flowers from their packaging
  2. Take off any leaves that will be beneath the vase’s rim
  3. Pop-off any thorns or use a knife to do so
  4. Cut stems to desired size
  5. Immediately place in water