Blush Lilac



10 stems

Quick Bits

  • Pro-level prep (6 minutes)  proflower
  • Not ideal for gifting
  • Requires hot water | Mashing stems
  • You’ll need pruners and/or knife

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Flower Description

Oh, the sweet scent of Lilac – it is absolutely unparalleled. This Holland grown varietal is a sturdy straight stem, bred for it’s durability (see below for specific prep instructions) and perfect bloom. Holland varietals, you’ll notice, arrive without leaves. This is a perfect bundle for a clean, chic low-lush look.

proflower Pro-Level Flower: Please note that with all Lilac, proper care is required as well as immediate hydration. Their stems will need scraping/smashing and immediate hot water. Pro-Level Flowers are not returnable after they have been removed from packaging so please be sure to inspect stems upon arrival. For further assistance reach out to the blumBUTLER via the intercom at bottom right.


Do be sure to mash the stems. Don’t know what I mean by mashing? Simply cut your stems to size and then use a knife to either mash or shave off the outer layer of stem skin. This will only need to be done to the bottom 2″-4″ of stem. Then use your knife or pruners to also splice the stem bottoms, so that you expose the mushy white stuff inside. This will allow the flower to most efficiently drink up water.

Please note that with all lilac, proper care is required as well as immediate hydration. ** Pro-Level Flowers are not returnable after removed from packaging so please be sure to inspect stems upon arrival and for further questions reach out to the blumBUTLER at the intercom at bottom right.