Antique Plum Hydrangea



10 stems

Quick Bits

  • Pro-level prep (6 minutes) proflower
  • Not ideal for gifting
  • Requires hot water | Mashing stems
  • You’ll need pruners and/or knife



Welcome to swing season, where the market shelves begin to be graced by summer’s celebratory hues and textures. This deep toned hydrangea is durable and mega sophisticated. An impactful way to make a colorful statement in any space. We love this stem.

proflower Pro-Level Flower: Please note that with all hydrangea, proper care is required as well as immediate hydration (HYRDA-ngea :). Hydrangea come packed in water tubes and will fare perfectly fine without water until later in the day however when those water tubes are removed their stems will need scraping/smashing and immediate hot water. Pro-Level Flowers are not returnable after they have been removed from packaging so please be sure to inspect stems upon arrival and for further questions reach out to the blumBUTLER at the intercom at bottom right.