Plum Double Bloom



50 stems

Quick Bits

  • Perfect for gifting
  • No thorns, of course
  • Simple Prep (5 minutes)
  • You’ll need a knife


Flower Description

Tulips. You know, the whole floral industry actually began with the tulip. Therefore, when you think of class and standard setting – think of the tulip. Super chic, enduring, simple to arrange.


  1. Remove flowers from their packaging
  2. Take off any outer leaves that are not super firm. Tulip leaves tend to wilt before the bloom so, especially if purchased en masse feel free to carefully remove all but the very inner most leaf. De-leafed tulips in a vase is an uber classy look.
  3. Use a knife to chop them the same way you’d slice a handful of asparagus. Cutting them all to the same exact length will give you a low and lush, clean chic look in the vase.
  4. Drop gracefully into the vase or one-by-one spiral stems.
  5. Refill water as needed, tulips are thirsty stems.