The art of arranging

Imagine, if you were to tell a painter that their very next painting was going to be magnificent. That the paints were going to be curated from all over the earth; each one taking months to create. Oh, and these wouldn’t be just any ordinary paints, they’d have their very own texture, unique scent and energy! They would actually be alive, with the ability to instill inspiration and wonder for the world around us. Together, upon the blank canvas they would create a living and breathing masterpiece, a humble ode to the beauty and incredibleness of our existence.

Now, as an artist – how could one not jump at the thought of such an experience! After all, the very purpose of our existence is to express ourselves, our unique imagination, through any number of different mediums: paint, clay, business, love, flowers. As humans we are all inherently artists. Being a great one only requires that we let go, turn inward and have complete compassion for the specific medium before us. The collective beauty that results is the art that we call life.

Sharing with you here, a most wonderful medium: flowers.

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