How It Works


What is the LIVE Market?
It’s your access to shop the shelves of the New York Wholesale Flower Market. We curate what is available based on what has just arrived in from the grower. Our focus is on impeccable, top grade flowers that you won’t stumble upon often. These flowers arrive from the growers well before the sun rises, so it’s a bit of an early-bird-catches-the-worm kind of a thing.

Can I shop after 3pm?
Sure, you can always shop from our Season Collection. This is where you can schedule deliveries for the future from a selection of flowers that we know we can always get in at that part of the season. We’ll coordinate with the grower so that your requested stems arrive the morning that you want them delivered. 

How do Leblum flowers arrive?
Bundled exactly as they were by their grower. When you purchase your flowers, they get wrapped in brown paper and sent straight to you via courier. No filler, no cellophane – just flowers.

What is Quick Bits?
It’s the imperative, boiled down info that you need to know about those flowers.

Do you have care and prep instructions?
Indeed. Click on the flower and it will bring you to the product info page. You’ll find detailed description and care info there and we’ll send it via email to you as well when your flowers are on their way.

Do you do corporate accounts?
We have a bunch of corporate offices that buy their flowers through us. Typically, they use the Reminder to Shop, which they have set for Monday mornings – restaurants seem to prefer Wednesdays. They pick their stems and flowers arrive shortly thereafter. Look out for the Perfect for Corporate in Quick Bits.

Medium + Pro-Level Flowers
If ordering Medium and Pro-level flowers, be sure to follow the care instructions. It’s nothing too crazy, but specific handling is integral to denoted flowers (ie. hot water, stem splicing, etc.). We do not offer refunds/returns on medium + pro-level flowers after they have been taken out of their packaging. Upon arrival, be sure to inspect them. If you sense that they’re not up to par, snap a pic and send it to us immediately at [email protected] so we can get you a new bundle or determine any other issue with that bundle.

Is Leblum good for gifting?
Sure, but make certain that the item you pick has Good for Gifting in it’s Quick Bits section. Some flowers require prep (cleaning, de-thorning, etc.) so we won’t recommend that you send those.

When gifting, how does my message get sent to the recipient?
While we love and firmly believe in the art of hand written letters, our messages get sent on digital card stock – via text or email. You can see what your card will look like here.

How does delivery work?
We use a local courier for larger deliveries and UberRUSH bike messenger for smaller bundles. When your order comes in, the flowers are immediately brown wrapped while the courier is dispatched. When the courier arrives to pick up the flowers you receive a GPS tracking notification. You’ll be able to see the courier en route with estimated time of delivery.

How long does it take for my flowers to arrive?
Typically 30 minutes to an hour. You’ll receive GPS tracking via text when your order is picked up by the courier with the exact time. We find that couriers like to sleep in on Saturdays so it can tend to take longer for them to pick up the order. It doesn’t happen often but we’ll reach out to let you know if this is the case.

Where do you deliver to?
Right now we are hyper focused on New York. We deliver to Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn & Astoria. And shortly, we’ll be expanding to the ‘burbs.

What about refunds/returns?
Contact us at [email protected] immediately if you’re unsatisfied with your flowers. Include a photo so that we can fully grasp the issue and remedy accordingly. We do not provide refunds, but we will most definitely replace your product with flowers from a different grower or a different varietal of flowers. Upon redelivery we’ll take the stems that didn’t satisfy you off your hands so please do not send them to the trash. Your happiness, is our happiness 🙂