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Stem Stories


We recently collaborated with Oprah to design the perfect holiday florals - no, oak leaves please!
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Pure + Powerful March

Our attraction to flowers, you see, is not about their being simply pretty – it goes beyond that.
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5 things I learned owning a flower shop

It has been about a year since I stepped away from Franklin Street in Tribeca and it has taken just about that long to reflect […]
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Dear Cupid…

Roses this beautiful and love, ahh… LOVE.  Neither are simply a passing madness. We want them everyday and we shall have them everyday. Red roses, we’ll […]
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Say Hanoi to my Little Friend

Move over Peony, there is a new Vixen in town. After months of smitten anticipation, this high-brow stunner has made it’s comeback at the local […]
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In today's world of instant gratification and fast fashions, Neely and Chloe Burch have found their place and purpose in that timeless space between form […]
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Peony, at last

As the Universe’s yearly apology for Winter – peony season is a welcomed site for sore eyes and cold hearts.
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Peony Vice

Fall: the time of year for textured accents, antique hydrangeas, and dahlias the size of your beautiful face.
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The Art Of Arranging

Your intro class to Sacred Geometry and it's application to just about everything.
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Boho-tanical Chic

While the holidays to some, can be a time of overwhelming to-dos – we implore you to embrace the natural nourishment surrounding you. The beauty, we […]
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There is something inherently special about being near a garden rose. We're not here to compare or deem this varietal superior to the standard.. both […]
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3 Simple Ways to Make Your Arrangements Look Like They Came From A Top Florist

Yes, design matters when it comes to flowers and yes, you'll be glad you learned why. (It's a lot simpler than it looks)
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