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Beats + Bulbs

Hyacinth, you had me at hello.

If ever a scent existed that cleared away the memory of cold, damp feet and whipping, snowy avenue winds… well, here you go. Pretty on the eyes but it is what they’ll do for your nose and soul that’ll have you obsessed.

 Q U I C K   B I T S

  • Use a low vase with a petite opening (3-5 inches max)
  • Do away with all of their foliage – aesthetically you’ll want to keep these stems clean and chic.
  • You’ll see in the video, but cut away the tough bulb part at bottom then husk each stem like a piece of corn. Sure, it takes a bit of time but use it to meditate and find gratitude for this Spring weather before us.
  • Give them a day or two to bloom and voilà…..

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