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Defining True Beauty

In today’s world of instant gratification and fast fashions, Neely and Chloe Burch have found their place and purpose in that timeless space between form and function.  

Upon entry to their spacious Franklin Street showroom, you understand that their commitment to quality and beauty are not just a feature of their designs but a way that they live their lives. Whether the sisters are an embodiment of their brand, or their brand of them – Neely and Chloe inherently understand the true value of taking the time to create items, and a life, that truly inspire.


So, we jumped right in – finding out how they define beauty and what part it plays in their day to day.  Subjectively speaking, it seems that this term – for them – just might be allusively undefinable. 

I think beauty is something very personal. There are certainly absolute examples of it, but when it comes down to incorporating it into your life, it is all really about what makes you smile.


What makes them smile is very clear through their acumen and space – each have an affinity for the tried and true. From scatterings of loosely arranged Tibet roses to Monstera leaves placed simply in tall clear vases – Neely and Chloe are aware of the trends but very much not driven by them.

Neely, an Art History major, has always had an innate passion for integrating elegance and sophistication into her space, designs – and ultimately life. Luxurious sounding, yes – but once meeting either sister or perusing their designs and space, you find such a refreshing accessibility to them and their collections. 

Our mom was always a proponent of quality over quantity, and when that’s your motto, you look for items that are build to last and timeless in style.


Luxury to Neely and Chloe is not defined by a price tag or abundance. Similar to beauty, they feel that it is something very personal and not about the way it looks to other people but wholly about the the way it makes each person feel. Their compassion for the diverse individuality of beauty is evident through the classic elements of their work and the sweet, sophisticated style of their life.


This collection is curated with the same value as their namesake brand – providing timeless building blocks from which anyone can create upon and make their very own. 

Everyday go-to:    At home, white flowers – roses typically, sometimes hydrangea. I like to get a big batch and do a bunch of little arrangements- bedside tables, bathroom sinks, kitchen counter, entry table.  

Occasional splurge:    When I can find them, I do love hyacinth – the smell is incredible and makes coming home after a long day much better! 

Floral pet peeve:    The trip to the store and the selection when you’re there.. but luckily we’ve got a solution to that now! And sometimes hydrangea – they can be a little stubborn.

Perfect dose:    I think it makes such a difference in mood and general mentality, so flowers always. But sometimes it does take that extra little bump of motivation like an event to get our acts together.

Most Nostalgic:    Neely Honestly, dandelions. I was a bit of a tomboy, always wanted to be outside – so afternoons climbing trees, blowing the seeds off the ones that had turned white  – brings me back to being 7 in a snap. Chloe Sunflowers. We grew up on a farm in Kimberton, Pennsylvania and they always remind me of the summer there.

All-time fave:    Neely Gardenia. Chloe Mini calla lillies. 

Absolute best thing about flowers:    Our Mom was always big on flowers, so I think it has always made us feel like everything is a little more homey in our NYC rental! 


For more of Neely & Chloe visit them and view their latest collection at www.neelyandchloe.com

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